Spitfire Scaffolding has been engineered to be so much more than your usual scaffolding hire company. We think of it as a beacon business, a diamond in the rough, an iconic service you can trust.

Our corporate VIP’s can rest-assured, their projects are in safe hands.

Most of us like to be picky from time to time, and this is why we’ve created a very unique and special opportunity, only to be offered to a small number of our favourite clients (numbers are limited due to the logistics).

If you want the very best we have on offer, then you’re in the right place:

✓  Juicy main contractor discounts which are only available to our VIP’s  (this means you will never pay full price for our services)

✓  Priority bookings and job amendments – subject to availability – (jump the queues for ultra-quick turnaround times)

✓  Guaranteed response times on calls and emails

✓  Free extra scaffolding hire to our top 10 clients!

✓  Installed payment plans (subject to credit checks)

Want more details about scaffolding hire? Simply fill in this form (expect an immediate response).

We take safety extremely seriously: If you have any concerns about the quality of our installations, or working practises, contact us straight away so we can make a plan to rectify the situation.  

If you change your mind about the requirements of the scaffold, or if there is something you have missed, we guarantee you will not be held to ransom.

We believe that “professionalism doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice”.  This is not just a saying in our company. From the moment someone joins our team they are taught to not only respect, but live up to this credo.